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    About Us

    Washington Multicultural Services Link (WMSL) is a non-profit grassroots organization formed in 2020 by Black families with loved ones with disabilities, community members, and volunteers.

    Washington Multicultural Services Link - Mission


    Washington Multicultural Services Link's (WMSL) mission is to empower and ensure quality of support services to African Diaspora and African American families, especially individuals with disabilities, and health care needs.

    ... Our priorities are 

    • To promote UNITY among Black people with disabilities, our families and our communities, to advance EQUITY within the disability movement and our communities, and to foster OPPORTUNITY for Black people with disabilities

    • Promoting access to education, training, health and employment as well as life long support in the community

    • Advocating for individuals with disabilities to have access to and participate in inclusion in their community

    • We believe by working in partnership and collaboration, there can be a greater impact through the pooling of skills, resources and knowledge and sharing of learning

    Washington Multicultural Services Link - Vision


    A society where Black families with disabilities and special healthcare needs can equally participate and be valued in all aspects of community life.

  • Programs

    Our priority is to provide Black families with disabilities with quality services in any of the following areas:

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    As a non-profit, we rely on government funding and donations to enhance our services for Black families with disabilities. Your contribution, no matter the amount, makes a significant impact.

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