• Programs

    Our priority is to provide Black families with disabilities with quality services through these programs:

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    Family Link Program (PLP)

    Family Link Program connects Black families to culturally responsive resources, services, and cultural brokers for support, advocacy, and resilience. Priority: 0-life children, self-advocate, families.

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    Multicultural Autism Group

    Multicultural Autism Group supports diverse communities through autism education, diagnosis, behavior analysis, assistive technology, support groups, and Ben's Fund.

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    Early Learning Program (Inclusion Works)

    Early Learning Program (Inclusion Works) offers child care resources, early intervention, home visiting, developmental screening, and play-based learning for ages 3-5.

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    Youth & Adult Services

    Youth & Adult Services supports vulnerable adults, including those with disabilities, by connecting them to essential services like SSI, DDA, housing, food stamps, and medical supplies. Promotes health and wellness for all.

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    Black Family Engagement

    Black Family Engagement program promotes meaningful involvement, advocacy, and partnerships to support families with disabilities. Cultivating relationships, self-advocacy, and community integration for inclusive contribution.

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    Advocacy program empowers individuals through early intervention, education, employment, inclusion, and housing support for a more inclusive society.